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I Was Bullied, But I Was Not a Victim – Making Schools Safer for All

Support the show via my Patreon This is Alain Pelletier’s story: Alain Pelletier’s profound journey into the world of anti-bullying advocacy began with a powerful realization of the impact of bullying on individuals. As a seasoned public speaker addressing this critical issue, Alain’s approach is shaped by a deep understanding of the emotional complexities involved. His unique perspective emphasizes the importance of empathy and the profound impact of actions on others. By highlighting the emotional toll of bullying, Alain…

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Effective Communication and Self-Expression: Elad “Al” Pines’ Advice for Navigating Social Interactions

Support the show via my Patreon Elad “Al” Pines is no stranger to adversity and change. Born in Israel, his formative years included relocation to the United States, coping with bullying, and a late-stage diagnosis of Asperger’s and other cognitive nuances. These circumstances have honed Al’s unique perspective towards accepting and overcoming life’s challenges. As he continued to push against the odds, Al’s journey led him to explore different spiritualities and engage in continuous self-growth, which uniquely equipped him…

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Embracing Differences: An Autistic Teacher’s Perspective

Christopher Wheat is a devoted husband, father, and grandfather who has spent over two decades working as a special education teacher. After being diagnosed with autism at age 35, Christopher embarked on a journey to better understand and embrace his condition. Alongside managing his own unique challenges, he used this experience to support his twin daughters, who both received autism diagnoses from an early age. His deep dedication to family and advocacy led Christopher to explore the impacts of medication…

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From Bullying to Inclusivity: The Power of Connecting with Your Inner Child and Embracing Neurodiversity

 From Bullying to Inclusivity: The Power of Connecting with Your Inner Child and Embracing Neurodiversity Welcome to the show. In todays episode I talk with Michelle Markman about everything from bullying to inclusivity to finding your inner child and being happy again. In this day an age, as we grow older we let go of our youngerself as we enter the world. We forget what it is like to have fun again. We get frowned on when we play a…

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Dealing with Bullies and Healthy Eating

Dealing with Bullies and Healthy Eating In this episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio I talk with Jimmy Clare of Crazy Fitness Guy Podcast. We talk about how he dealt with being bullies and what got him into eating right. We talk about he is doing in college and how he deals with his Autsim. We find out when he was diagnosed and how he says it was grade 3 and his mom says it was grade 3.  We talk…

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