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Uncovering ABA: Exploring Neurodivergence with Hollie Beth Clauser

Unlocking ABA Secrets with Hollie Beth Clauser: Autism Therapy Evolved Hollie Beth Clauser is a passionate advocate for individuals with autism and a dedicated Applied Behavior Analysis (Aba) professional. With nearly 20 years of experience in the field, Hollie has made it her mission to help Aba practices improve staff retention and support clients in navigating their careers. As a person on the autism spectrum herself, Hollie brings a unique perspective to her work, understanding the challenges faced by those…

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Is ABA Thearpy right for my child?

Is ABA right for my Child In this episode, I talk with Melissa Schiefelbein who is a board certified Behavior Analyst.  We talk about why she deiced to become a behavior analyst working with ABA.  She talks about how she quit her job to help her son, who is on the spectrum and started out as non-verbal and now he is talking and doing great in school. We talk about why people are so fearful of ABA and what can…

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