ASD Life Coach Jackie Coursey

Jackie Coursey

Sacred Space Coaching with Jackie Coursey Interviewed by Patty Laushman ASD Life Coach Welcome to season 4! In this episode, I have a new co-host, Patty Laushman of Thrive Autism Coaching. Together we interview Jackie Coursey, an autism life coach with Sacred Space Coaching, about the struggles she sees young adults experiencing, particularly with going away to college. We explore how Jackie got into the coaching profession and how she continuously trains and upgrades her skills. Jackie and Patty also…

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Stories: Thrive Lifecoaching with Patty

Hey everyone, in this episode of Inside the Asperger Studio: Stories. I talk with Patty .   This is a very interesting episode of stories because we learn about Patty Laushman and her struggle she had with getting her son diagnosed with ASD and we find out that she may have ADHD as well.  We talk a bit about how she tried all methods to help her son thrive in the world and how she finally went with of the…

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