Stories: What I took away

Hello and welcome to Season 3 Episode 1 of Stories.

In this episode, I am going to talk to you about what I took away from my visit to the Jewish Museum and the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.

What you don’t about me is I am Jewish. I am not orthodox Jewish, but I come from a Jewish upbringing. I don’t go to temple or observe most the holidays but I acknowledge the those who came before me and lost their life to one of the most horrific times in the history of the world. That being when people of all races were put into the concentration camps and been murdered.

I am first going to talk about much in text but I will share my experiences on my side of the show Stories.

I want to you hear my voice as I talk about my feelings and my horror as I walk through the two Museums. 

This is a very special episode, it’s very raw and uncut. You were hear the sadness in my voice as I share my experiences.




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