Stories: Beating Addictions and Dealing with ASD

In this Episode I talk with David Wyatt from the UK. He talks about about he beat 3 major addictions (gambling, alcohol and drug addictions) and how he turned his life around found the right person to make him realize that all his issuse are due to the fact that maybe he has ASD and once he got diagnosed he began to change his life for the better and help those around him in his community.

David talks about what he attributes his life change too. He got lucky to find the right women to help him get past his addictions, because so many fall down the hole and can never get out.  This just goes to show you, all you need is that right someone to see past your flaws and guide you the rest of way.

Not only has he beat his addictions he has lost weight and but has found how to deal with depression and anxiety as well as taking his learned experiences to help others out there going through the same things he is not know if you are on the spectrum or not.

When you change the way you see your world, your world changes! – David Wyatt

Davids story


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