Sivan Hong: Author and Advocate

Welcome to a very special episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio.

Today I talk wtih Sivan Hong, author of  Super Fun Day Books.  Sivan authors and illustrates the children’s book series The Super Fun Day Books, including “Benny J. and the Horrible Halloween”,  “George J. and the Miserable Monday” and “Emily D. and the Fearful First Day“.  Her inspiring books focus on neurodiverse children, who overcome their challenges with perseverance and bravery.

She is such a facinating person to talk to. We went over many things, like the fact the books are based of her kids experiences, why she decied to illustrated the books herself and many more issues at hand such as we talked about masking, and  dealing with lockdown and how her kids dealt with it.

She is one incredible women with a wonderful story.

This is one of my most favorite episodes and please listen to all of it.

I know I enjoyed talking to her and I know you will enjoy listen to us talk about everything.

Inside the Aspergers Studio
Inside the Aspergers Studio
Sivan Hong: Author and Advocate

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