Raising a Neurodiverse Family: A Pediatrician’s Journey

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how to handle the challenges of raising a neurodiverse family, constantly struggling to meet your child’s unique needs, then you are not alone! The frustration of not being able to provide the right support for your child’s well-being can be incredibly disheartening. Despite your efforts, you may find yourself feeling lost and uncertain about the best way forward. But there’s hope! Implementing individualized support for your child’s well-being can make a significant difference in your family’s journey.

Dr. Mary Holden, a pediatrician, life coach, and autism advocate, shares her personal journey raising a neurodiverse family. Married to a man on the spectrum and with a son on the spectrum, as well as other children with ADHD, Dr. Holden’s experience is multifaceted. She candidly discusses the challenges and triumphs, emphasizing the need for patience, adaptability, and the value of individualized support. Her foray into podcasting was inspired by a mutual friend, Dr. Stephanie Holmes, and the founder of the network she joined, Kristen Walker. Dr. Holden’s compassion and expertise shine through as she delves into the importance of early intervention, access to services, and the disparities faced by the black community in autism diagnosis and support. Her unique perspective, coupled with her commitment to advocacy, offers an inspiring narrative, resonating with parents navigating similar paths.,Dr. Mary Holden, a pediatrician, life coach, and autism advocate, invites listeners into her world as a mother of a neurodiverse family. With a husband and son on the spectrum and other children with ADHD, she brings a deeply personal touch to her insights. Her unexpected journey into podcasting, sparked by a friend’s encouragement, has allowed her to share invaluable guidance and support. Dr. Holden’s passion for advocating early intervention and equitable access to services, particularly within the black community, is both enlightening and heartening. Her dedication to empowering parents and caregivers reflects her own experiences and resonates with those facing similar challenges. Dr. Holden’s narrative is not just informative but also deeply moving, embodying the strength, resilience, and unwavering love that defines the neurodiverse family experience.

  • Dr. Mary Holden’s website: Dr. Marycoaches.com – This is where you can find more information about Dr. Mary Holden and her coaching services.
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  • Dr. Mary Holden’s LinkedIn profile – Connect with Dr. Mary Holden on LinkedIn to stay updated on her professional activities and insights.
  • Mental Health Radio Network – Dr. Mary Holden hosts a podcast on the Mental Health Radio Network, where you can listen to her discussions and insights on various mental health topics.
  • Resources for autism advocacy and support – Dr. Mary Holden provides valuable information and resources for families and individuals dealing with autism, including guidance on handling sensory issues, accessing services, and advocating for support.

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Raising a Neurodiverse Family: A Pediatrician's Journey

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