Stories: Health Food and Plant Based Market Peter Rubi

Are you looking for a place to buy good wholesome food not full of additives and chemicals. Well take a listen to my next John Graves, owner of Peter Rubi Market. 

John shares he story of how Perter Rubi came to be and the mission of the store. In this show we learn how he got into the business of being a grocer and selling health and plant based foods.

We find out out how Covid has affected his store and that he has a whole group people who are devoted to his store. I also learn why people are so afraid to try plant based products. We also find out where he sees himself and the store in 10 years time and how his store was saved by a other nationwide plant based store called Plantx.

Johns story is one of Miracles one after another first dealing with his health the second with his store.. John talks about what would of happened if PlantX

Peter Rubi Plainfield
15412 Illinois Rte 59, Plainfield, IL 60544

Peter Rubi (Soon to be PlantX) Chicago
804 W Montrose Ave. Chicago, IL 60613. Uptown

Peter Rubi Instagram

Peter Rubi Facebook



Stories: Health Food and Plant Based Market Peter Rubi

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