Empowering the Spectrum: Chris Robson’s Inspiring Path to Personal and Professional Growth

In a world filled with twists and turns, Chris Robson’s life took an unforeseen detour. Little did he know that a shocking revelation would be the catalyst for his remarkable transformation. As his story unfolds, prepare to be captivated by the unexpected twist that changed everything. Brace yourself for a journey of self-acceptance, personal growth, and a future that holds endless possibilities.

My special guest is Cris Robson

Meet Cris Robson, an enigmatic character hailing from the picturesque north of England. At 51, Cris is an adept lone wolf in the indie video game development space. His expertise paints a vivid picture in consultation roles he takes on for tech titans like Epic Games, Google, and Facebook. Recently, Cris embraced the enlightening revelation of his diagnosis on the autism spectrum. A fiercely creative individual, he strives to fortify his skills continuously while educating others in the pipe dream of 3D. He reminds us that the unwavering pursuit of self-improvement can shape a truly remarkable individual.

I’m really set on trying to learn new things, trying to prove that I can learn new things all the time, trying to create, trying to be artistic, and just trying to be a better human being. – Chris Robson

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Empowering the Spectrum: Chris Robson's Inspiring Path to Personal and Professional Growth