Autism Outside the Box

Autism Outside the Box


In this episode I talk with child psychologist Dr. Shoshana Levin Fox about how she diagnoses and treats children with ASD differently than do most practitioners. We discuss the methods she uses to assess children, such as DIRFloortime, and some
unique terms, such as Islets of Normalcy, derived from her work of 25 years at the Feuerstein Institute in Jerusalem. In her view, many children today are actually misdiagnosed as autistic.

They often have other kinds of developmental challenges which are overshadowed by the autism diagnosis. In our talk
Shoshana explains how she works to detect these other developmental challenges. There are key tips for parents, too. This is a very interesting episode.

You can find out more about her in the link below.
Dr. Shoshana Levin Fox is the author of An Autism Casebook for Parents and Practitioners: The Child Behind the Symptoms. In her book, she shares her unique
way of assessing and treating autism-diagnosed children.
Shoshana’s website is

Inside the Aspergers Studio
Inside the Aspergers Studio
Autism Outside the Box

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