ASD Transition Coaching with Beth Felsen

Transition Life Coaching with Beth Felsen

Welcome to a new episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio. In this episode I talk with Beth Felsen, who is a ASD Transition Coach who helps those with ASD transition to Adulthood or even finding work to transitioning to college.

In the beginning we talk about her and how get into coaching and says it was her daughter, because he daughter is on the spectrum.  Than we get into her work and the differnet types of clients she deals with.

We talk about how she preps her clients to get ready for going away for college. She says she talks about college readiness and she breaks it down to four catagories: Exeuctive Function, Life Skills, Social Communication and Self-Advocacy which she says is the most important.

She talks about how important it is for the client to advocate for themselfs because of the privacy act. How the parents wont be able to call up and ask about the classes or say they you are struggling, that’s all up the the client.

Then we talk about getting ready for adulthood, and looking for work.

and much more.

So sit back and relax and grab your favorite beverage.


Inside the Aspergers Studio
ASD Transition Coaching with Beth Felsen

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