Anna Granata Neurodiverse Lifecoach

In this episode of Inside the Asperger’s Studio, I talk with Anna Granata.  A Neurodiverse life coach. In this episode we tackle many things that have to do with ADHD as well a bit of ASD.

Anna shares with me, that if you have either ASD or ADHD you most certainly have the other, and this has shown up with numerous clienrts of hers. She also mentions that ADHD is one of the main causes of low self-esteem.  Anna also shares with us that she herself has ADHD and Dyslexia and how she deals with it on a daily biases.

Anna also talks about what a normal session is like for her clients and how long they normally run for.  She says that she has clients who have come in with one or the other, to only find out that they have both and it’s like a light bulb going off to discover that have had both ADHD and ASD and just finding out know.

She also mentioned a blog post from her about does ADHD life coaching really make a difference.  So go give it a read.

We also talk a bit about memory and how in ADHD it is affected and what can be done to help. One of the things she told me I have heard before is that with ADHD we will only hold things in memory that hold a certain interest to us. But she also said that we are not like filing cabinets, so we cant just retrieve something if some asks us about a day, but we have to use linking to associate it with what we did on a particular day.

What she means is that if someone asked about a a particular day, we wouldn’t be able to remember, but if they said do you remember when we went to the mall and bought said item.  We would be able to remember it, because it was linked from one thing to another. But also if we hold no interested in certain things we just lose it in our memory

0:00 Intro

0:59 How she got into life coaching

2:49 How she deals with her ADHD

4:51 I ask her about racing thoughts.

9:50 We talk about what a session is like for her clients?

12:22 Advice to those who cant get on ADHD meds

15:34 I ask about has she had any diffcult clients

17:22 I ask if she has deal with both ASD and ADHD Clients?

17:53 I ask has she had clients come it with one or the other to find out they had both ASD and ADHD.

18:36 I ask about Clients who question their behavorisms and mannerisms

19:39 I ask what’s the hardest thing about being a life coach?

20:31 I ask what stages do people come to her?

21:35 How ADHD and memory go hand in hand.

25:18 How long do clients see her

26:14  I ask has she had clients come back and thank her.

25:53 I talk about some of my experiences.

30:21 I talk ask her what advice she can give me on how to help my memory.

33:23 I talk about my own memory issues and how I learned.


Inside the Aspergers Studio
Inside the Aspergers Studio
Anna Granata Neurodiverse Lifecoach

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