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Breaking the Stigma: Bethea Coppola Rios on the Power of Therapy for Mental Health – Bethea Coppola Rios

In the world of mental health, there are stories that have unexpected twists, revealing hidden struggles and inspiring journeys of self-discovery. Bethea Coppola Rios, a seasoned professional counselor, had her own surprising revelation during the pandemic. Little did she know, buried within her was a secret that would change everything. Join us as we delve into Bethea’s remarkable journey of self-discovery, uncovering a twist that will leave you questioning what lies beneath the surface. Therapy is hard. If you walk…

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Wellness Check

Hey Aspies. I know we are all going through a tough time and dealing with a treamdous amount of stuff in our life, from Covid, to school, to wear a mask just about all the time. Well I will be checking in with all of you once a week and making sure you all ok, I will also be doing this on TicTok as well.  This is my wellness video on TicTok so you will have a idea what to…

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