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Stories: Being diagnosed late

Do you know anyone in your family who was diagnosed late with ASD or were you diagnosed late yourself. Well that was the case with my next guest Alisa. She was diagnosed late, and when she got her diagnoses it explained so many things in her life. So sit back, relax and grab your favorite beverage as we dive in and find all about Alisa and what makes her who she is today. Funny, differnt, and a ASPIE like the…

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STORIES: Frank King (Writer, Sucide Prevention Speaker, Comedian)

In today’s show, I sit down and have a chat with one funny guy, Frank King. We talk about how he got to where he is today, talking about trying to help those who feel their lives aren’t worth a lot.  He gives us a peak into his life and how knew he was destined to be a comedian, started when he was in grammar school. He also talks about how he plan to build himself up again to get…

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Spain Stories


For me walking around Barcelona and exploring the streets and seeing the sights was one of more exhilarating things for me. Just the beauty of Barcelona took my breath away. But the story for me is what I wound up eating for dinner the five days I was there. Know you probably expect me to say something like oh, I had tapas for dinner one night and something else another night. Well believe it or not, I had McDonald’s. Now…

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