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Affordable Living

Affordable Living Hello, Are you someone who has a disability and living at home or on your own. but cant find a community of like mined people. Well my next guest Paula Manion and her husband did just that. She saw a need for those who have a disability who needed affordable living space and wanted to be part of a community and created Our Stomping Ground. Our Stomping Ground right now is the Virgina \ DC area and offers…

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Social Graces LLC

Social Grace In this episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio, I talk with Ginny Conroy who is the founder and CEO of Social Grace I talk with Ginny about herself and how she got into working with and helping those with ASD.  I talk to her about how she came up with the name Social Graces. She also talks about her dad and her 3 brothers and how they were one of the reasons she got into helping those with…

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