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Rediscovering Your Authentic Self: Aligning Values to Exit the Burnout Cycle

Support the show via my Patreon Carole Jean Whittington’s journey into understanding her neurodiversity started with her own experiences of burnout, which began as early as the age of six. Her late diagnosis of autism and ADHD shed light on the struggles she had faced for decades, offering a sense of relief and validation. The process of uncovering her neurodiversity was like peeling back layers, revealing not just one, but a multitude of co-occurring conditions that had shaped her…

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Stories: Trading the Rat Race for Paradise: A Coach Finds Balance in Hawaii

If you’re feeling trapped in the rat race of the corporate world, striving to become someone you’re not, then you are not alone! Dana Mahina’s journey from Silicon Valley to executive coaching in Hawaii will inspire you to embrace authenticity and find your true purpose. My special guest is Dana Mahina Meet Dana Mahina, an accomplished executive coach, author, and podcast host. With a successful career in Silicon Valley, she made a courageous shift to pursue her true calling of…

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