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The darker side of Autism

The Darker side of Autism with JD In this Halloween Edition of the show I talk with my good friend Jose who is also autistic and we talk about his issues with Autism everything from losing his job to losing his scholarship. We talk about the ups and downs of Autism and what parents can do if thier child has Autism. This is also a short episode but very informitive. Sit back, Relax and Grab you Favorite Beverage and have…

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Is ABA Thearpy right for my child?

Is ABA right for my Child In this episode, I talk with Melissa Schiefelbein who is a board certified Behavior Analyst.  We talk about why she deiced to become a behavior analyst working with ABA.  She talks about how she quit her job to help her son, who is on the spectrum and started out as non-verbal and now he is talking and doing great in school. We talk about why people are so fearful of ABA and what can…

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Being Female and Autistic

Being Female and Autistic In this episode of Inside the Asperers Studio, I talk with Raquel we learn that Switzerland is very segregrated and we talk about her life dealing with Autism and why she moved to Switzerland and dealing with segregartion when it comes to school and son.  She talk about the first time she heard what ableism is how the school system is not letting her home school her son. She talks about moving back to Mexico to…

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Dr Temple Grandin

In this episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio. I talk with Dr. Temple Grandin about her life and about Autism. She talks about her books and the differnet mind sets there are. We discuss where society has failed us as Autistics and much more. …

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Dating on the Spectrum with Miyah

Hello, and on this Episode if Inside the Aspergers Studio, I am talking with Miyah.  We talk about what it is like to date on the spectrum. We talk about all sorts of things. She talks about the issues she faces before she met her current boyfriend. The issues she faced being on the spectrum and trying to find the certain someone.  She share some of her funny dating stories with her current Boyfriend who is also on the spectrum. …

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I talk with Karla from AIMS Global about the organization and how they came to be. We get to know a bit about her and her background and the organization itself and what makes it successful. …

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