Autism and Relationships

Autism and Relationships Hello. Have you ever been stuck in a toxic relationship and not know it. Would you like know what the red flags are to look for, before you get into a relationship.  Have you also wondered if those of us should stick to dating those on the spectrum or should we try dating those that are NT. Lara has first hand experience dealing with a toxic relationship and shares her views on everything. This is an important…

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Autism and Employment

In this episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio, I talk with Lara Sweeny about Autism and Employment. I get to know her and when she was diagnosed. She calles herself a INTJ. We tackle some of the hardest questions when it comes to employment. I ask her why she thinks why those of us have a hard finding work.  We also tackle rejection and keeping jobs. I talk about how we can make the job hunt easier.  One of the…

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