Products reviews

Hey guys I have come across a few products so far I think you all will like.

The first of the two is a App called Tiimo.  This app is Tiimo is a paid subscription app that helps you organize your life, stick to your routines, and work towards your personal goals in a visual and motivating way! 

I have been using this for many months and since the lock down and going on my Adderall, it has helped me remember to eat, shower, brush my teeth, and take my meds morning and night. It has a very affordable subscription price I highly recommend this app to any of you out there.

The other product out there a 90 day journal called The Heros Journal.  The two guys that have designed this are so talented and creative. What it is, is a Journal that puts you on your own personal journey.  It gives you a story, and than you write down each day you daily goal and so on.. If you have not checked out my unboxing on it, to get a glimpse of it and see if your ready to go on your own journey.

Go check out my unboxing of it on my Unboxing of the The Heros Journal.

Hello again and happy holidays I am back. Today with a review of the Monk Manual.

This is a 90 day Planner.. First off, let me tell you, this is so thought out.  They give 4 steps to start out and they even have face book community to help you along your way.  The quality of the planner is right up there with the The Heros Journal, different material, but it holds together well. One of the things these guys do is give you a extra pages in a mini journal. They Monk Manual is all about Being & Doing. 

You can check out my unboxing over on my Unboxing of the Monk Manual.

Be sure to check here every so often to see if I have any new products I think you guys will love or like.

I am back again with one of more unusual journals I have ever seen. This is one a creative writing journal called Pilgrim Soul, what makes this journal so interesting is that right on front the cover paper, it says Use when High, which gave me a good laugh and even on the inside they talk about the cannabis and the people who have used it and the different strains. Now I don’t do drug, but I don’t knock it due to its medical help it has provided.

There are also exercise on the inside everything from adult coloring pages to teaching you to be a creative liar to them talking about the creative process.  So if  you kind of curious you can hope over to my YouTube and check out my unboxing of it in three days