Understanding IEPs: Expert Insights with Shelley Kenow

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From the classroom to the consultant’s chair, Shelley Kenow’s journey took an unexpected turn. Her passion for special education evolved into a mission to empower parents of children with diverse learning needs. But how did she make the transition, and what led her to become an IEP coach? Stay tuned to discover the inspiring twist in Shelley’s story.

Shelley Kenow, a veteran special educator with over 30 years of experience, shares her journey from a special education classroom to becoming an IEP consultant. She emphasizes the importance of understanding individual learning paths, advocating for students with disabilities, and breaking through societal limitations. Shelley’s passion for promoting acceptance and inclusion led her to create the podcast “Hashtag No Limits,” where she highlights stories of individuals overcoming challenges. Through her book, “Those Who Can’t Teach,” she aims to spread awareness about the diverse experiences of special needs families. Shelley’s dedication to supporting children with special needs and empowering parents is evident in her approach to IEP coaching and professional development for schools. Her unique perspective challenges traditional education paradigms and inspires others to embrace individual differences.,Shelley Kenow, a seasoned special educator, transitioned into her role as an IEP consultant after spending years in special education classrooms. Her journey is driven by a deep understanding of the diverse learning needs of students with disabilities. Through her podcast, “Hashtag No Limits,” Shelley shares inspiring stories of individuals defying societal constraints. Her book, “Those Who Can’t Teach,” delves into the real-life experiences of special needs families, promoting empathy and inclusion. Shelley’s commitment to empowering parents and advocating for children with special needs is evident in her coaching and professional development work for schools. Her unique approach challenges traditional educational norms, encouraging a shift towards embracing individual differences. Shelley’s passion for creating a more inclusive and understanding environment for students with diverse learning needs shines through in her work and storytelling.

There’s nothing wrong with your child that they need this extra education. It’s just their brains were built differently, and that’s okay. – Shelley Kenow

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Inside the Aspergers Studio
Inside the Aspergers Studio
Understanding IEPs: Expert Insights with Shelley Kenow